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What not to do when you are in a relationship

In this world and age, it has become a trend to be with a special someone. To share your experiences, jokes, unease, worries with someone is truly a blessing. While you might think that just talking and sharing your life with a person is all rainbows, it does, however, comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties.

Being in a relationship comes as ease to a lot of people, but it does take a little guidance to those who feel lost. Here are some things and red flags you should avoid while in a relationship.

Feeling breathless

Feeling Breathless

the millennials have to be the busiest of all the generations. We are always on the run, looking for experiences, meeting new people, working on standing on our own, and while in the midst of this having a person to share all of this is a blessing it does become a red flag when your partner takes more space in your life that they should. You might not be on the run person 24/7, but it still doesn’t put you in a position to devote all the time for your partner. Having to carry this weight becomes draining, especially when you have a lot to look after in your life. Humans are social beings, but every person needs their space and carry a life of their own. Maybe spending some time away from your partner or your phone with ten things on the to-do list might bring you a feeling of self.

Feeling an emotional void

one might think this point shouldn’t be right after the para that tells you to take your one space. But here it is, while you need your own space, you shouldn’t have to feel emotionally empty/ distant. Humans are inbuilt with a lot of emotions, and feeling all kinds of sentiments is a part of having emotional intelligence. When a person is given a place in your life, validating their feelings is one of the responsibilities you bear. Acceptance of these emotions is how you grow as a person and a couple. If you’re with someone and you feel that the other person is not emotionally available, communicating and talking it out is the best remedy.

Letting anger get the best of you

bickering and small fights are a part of all the relationships. Being at odds with each other at times often shows you how much that person means to you and your life, further cementing your relationship. But while you’re at it, you have to be careful of not hurting each other. Disagreements and differences might come and go, but the feelings you have for each other have to be protected. Here’s what you do, before bursting from anger or emotion at the other person, think about it from your partners view, form your sentence in a manner that doesn’t seem heartless yet get your point across, again communication is the KEY.

Painting red flags blue

Humans love the idea of being loved, while they’re at it, they often ignore and let go things which might not bug them at the time, but causes long term problems in the relationships. When something in the relationship doesn’t feel correct, you have to address it rather than expecting things will feel correct if you ignore them. Avoiding a confrontation just to put away an awkward brawl will only further increase the communication gap. Do not expect a change without action, if you think certain things in your relationship do not feel okay and need work on it, talk to your partner about it rather than putting it away.

To sum it up, no cosmopolitan magazine is going to know the ins and outs of your what you feel I needed through communicating and validating each other’s feelings. You as an individual deserve happiness, and while it may seem like a tumbler quote, you’ll find some truth in it.

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